A Shorter Fancy Flier

After realizing the first version of the Fancy Flier was too long, I changed it around and shortened it, along with adding a bubble that might be a cockpit on the top front part. It still did not feel right and I tried several variations on it with the fins and rockets in different positions. The biggest changes here are some versions with no top fin and with the fins either spaced evenly about the body, or with the lower fins acting as wings and placed parallel to the ground.  I finally had something I felt was usable.  Of course that was before a friend pointed out some obvious problems with the appearance.  See if you can see what she was talking about before reading my next post.

FancyFlier2-3WingsSame.jpgThis is the first version of the 2nd Fancy Flier. It has 3 fins, with a cockpit on the top front and all 3 fins are spaced evenly about the body.

FancyFlier2-3TubesNoTopWing.jpgAlso the 2nd Fancy Flier, with 3 rocket tubes, but with no top fin. With the top fin, it seemed too tall and not sleek.
FancyFlier2-2WingsTopFinAnother test of the 2nd Fancy Flier, this one with 3 rocket tubes and a top fin. The two side fins have been moved up. They had been 120 degrees off from the top, but now both are 90 degrees off the top fin.

FancyFlier2-2WingsNoTopFinThe last with this configuration, with 2 wings on the side and no top fin.

FancyFlier2-Last.jpgThe “finished” version of this Fancy Flier. There’s no top fin, 2 fins set parallel to the ground to act as wings, and the extra “fuel feeder tubes” in the back have been removed because it looked too busy. At this point I was so absorbed in getting used to using the modeling software and fixing problems technically, I had not yet stepped back and asked if this really looked like what I wanted to do.

After this design and a comment from a friend, I decided it was time to junk this concept completely. Normally I wouldn’t let one comment influence a design that heavily, but this one was right on the mark.

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